C.W. "Cliff" Shumate was born in the late 1950's and grew up on a farm near Carlisle, Kentucky. Rural life involved daily chores and appreciation for interaction between humans, animals, and nature. Shumate is a graduate of Nicholas County High School and received an Agriculture Degree from Morehead State University. "Farming allowed me the opportunity to exercise both my back and my mind," says Shumate. "Being raised on a Kentucky farm also facilitated relations with fascinating country folks who sure could spin a yarn," he notes.

As fate dictated, Shumate left the farm to pursue a business career, and over three decades he traveled the world while maintaining a steady pace of writing requisitions, memorandums, and traditional correspondence. Following his retirement from the corporate world, Shumate felt the urge to explore writing about endearing topics he enjoyed. While penning the series Blackberry Tails, C.W. Shumate draws upon experiences gained from life lessons. "The books oddly depict adventures which parallel my journey in many ways," states Shumate.

The excitement of arranging a story into printed words that can be shared with others is a dream come true for Shumate, and his enthusiasm is contagious. "My hope is the work will motivate adults to communicate with children through reading, and help create fertile ground for imagination to prosper. Shumate claims inspiration for the series Blackberry Tails is based upon four primary elements: his deep affection for animals, adventure, food, and folklore. Proud of his heritage, C.W. Shumate resides in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, where he continues writing new editions for the Blackberry Tails series, contributing to opinion piece Rogue Reflections, and producing an array of award-winning C.W. SHUMATE® gourmet culinary products.

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C.W. "Cliff" Shumate on his Kentucky farm.


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